Domenick Anthony Cama Law, P.A.

Crafting Strategies To Protect Your Future

Passionate Legal Service Throughout Florida

At Domenick Anthony Cama, P.A., I offer knowledgeable and compassionate guidance for immigration and family law to clients throughout Florida and the surrounding area. My passion lies in helping my clients arrive at their goals. Some of the issues I handle include:

  • Immigration law: Employment visas, family visas, adjustment of status, removal defense and more
  • Family law: Divorce, property division, time sharing (child custody and visitation) and post-judgment modifications

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I care deeply about your long-term future. Whether you need to secure permanent residency in the U.S., bring a loved one from overseas or arrange a co-parenting schedule, you can turn to me.

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Audi Alteram Partem: My Motto As A Lawyer

One of the phrases according to which I live my life is “audi alteram partem.” In Latin, it means, “listen to the other side.” To this end, I always take the time to sit down with you and listen carefully to what you have to say. You may feel as if no one has listened to your side of the story, but I am ready to.

This commitment to truly listen to my clients guides my professional relationships and allows me to craft personalized strategies with emotional intelligence, compassion and integrity.

Dedicated To The Immigrant Community

My passion lies in serving members of the Florida immigrant community by resolving their complex legal needs. To me, you are not just a case file. You are a member of my community, and I am devoted to helping you.

Get Help From An Attorney Passionate About Your Goals

When you have a complicated problem involving immigration or family law, you have an advocate in me. Reach out to me so that we can discuss how to achieve positive solutions. I offer free initial consultations to help ease the burden of your costs. I also accept credit cards. To reach Domenick Anthony Cama, P.A., call 305-894-9758 or send me an email. Hablamos español.